Look 1: Sculpture Dress
Look 2: Emergence Dress
Look 3: Mirage Top and Synthesis Skirt
Look 4: Fulcrum Top (pink leather) + Illusion Pant
Look 5: Fulcrum Top (nylon mesh over leather) + Exposure Skirt
Look 6: Pivot Point Dress
Look 7: Interlace Jacket + Illusion Pant
Accessories in collaboration with Amanda Lee
Photography by Sam M Armstrong
Model: Georgie P - EMG Models
Makeup: Caitie Kenzie Makeup
Inspired by the traditional dress and jewellery pieces of the Mongolian culture, this look combines the intensive beaded details of the Mongolian costumes with the panelled, edged and layered silhouettes of the costumes themselves.
Garment details incorporate filigree charm pieces with custom designed hand beaded mesh panels and unique embroidered pieces contrasted against metallic foiled leather and silk satin organzas.
Front collar filigree detail
Front embroidery and beaded mesh details
Back beaded mesh details
A Tailoring Concept
This concept explores the story of the sicilian
 widow balancing the fine line between respecting mourning
 tradition, yet pushing the boundaries to snare the next husband 
with her feminine charms.

Marrying for money is this woman’s game plan and she’s 
out of the prowl for her next pay day and she’s not 
shy about using a little drama to attract attention. 

Her look covers the body, yet signals sensuality through an ultra
 feminine hourglass silhouette and a risque approach to using
 transparency to tantalise her prey.

Her love of the expensive is also on display through heavy gold 
accessories, signalling to all that her partner needs to have 
much more than just luck to snare her.
 The final look plays on layers of textures and garments
to create a refined finished look.

The outer shell of the look is captured in a dramatic jacket,
built up at the shoulders in a textured black shearling
and emphasising that hourglass feel through a
flared shearling and wool peplum.

Peeling off the jacket reveals a transparent silk organza
 hourglass shaped variation on the the shirt dress, bloused
around the bust and at the sleeves and dramatically tulip shaped
from the waist with lace side skirt panels.

The final layer reveals a sexy fitted body suit, with a
sheer front panels flocked with a striking art
nouveau inspired print and padded hips emphasising
a feminine waisted silhouette.
Inspired by Chinese Ceramics
All fabrics started from white, with various dye techniques using Dylon Dyes.
This dress was awarded first place in the Cocktail section of the Flair Awards 2012 and third place in the Dylon Dye Competition 2011.
The brief was to design a look inspired by ceramics from around the world.  I chose to explore Chinese ceramics and was particularly inspired by the vertical narratives in the ceramics incorporated with a modern silhouette, emphasising an hourglass shape using internal line and shape.
After developing a design, I toiled my design for a model fitting.  For the overskirt, I cut and overlaid each individual skirt piece and draped the shape onto a model.  I then shaped each piece and transferred them to paper pattern pieces.
Dye Details
Inspired by the ceramic blossom tree artwork.  I hand painted the tree details on dyed silk organza, using fabric dyes and candle wax resists applied using a tjanting. 
The lace flowers were handmade from cotton lace, dyed, cut into individual the clover motifs and hand sewn together in clusters. 
Each overskirt piece was dip dyed to achieve an ombre effect and overprinted using a screen print stencil.
The final full length silk georgette skirt, was first dyed to a caramel tone, them ombre dyed to achieve a purple ombre effect.